Saturday, March 1, 2008

Overture: prettiest feline in the troops

Me, Pinyi. They say I'm the prettiest. Of course, it proves by many male felines around neighbourhood often come to our home, just to make flirt with me or want me to become their soulmates. As the daughter of Bunyu, I´m older than Bunjie and he´s my step brother. When I was young and restless, I´d love to jump into humans' waist, love to bite toes, and make sudden scratch to somebody´s feet! It was such a wonderful and funtastic hobbies. Don't worry, now that kind of habits had been diminished absolutely. Thanks to my growing older hormones to remind me how old I am now.
Delightful taste of any fresh fried fish and chicken is tempting my hunger-monger. Watch out fella, I am NOT war-monger like G#!$g% B*^?!
Though I extremely love to eat, eat and eat (again) still my sexy body stays slim and skinny. Becareful not to pat my hip and back! I´m over sensitive in that area....uhm, well you know what I mean. One thing for sure that makes me so special, I´m a loving mommy cat to any neglected and abandoned kitties. Because I truly understand how does it feel, being left alone and lack of affection. Thanks to my beloved humans, they both teach me how to sincerely giving love to others. I learn a lot from them.

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