Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mommy Bunyu.....

Mommy Bunyu..... we miss you a lot! We still wait for you to come home...

Sad mews: We lost another little troop, Monskitt, one of mommy Bunyu tiny kitten was buried in our backyard early morning today, she went to the bridge of rainbow last nite. There was no sign of illness, she was just found not alive anymore... Good bye our dear tiny sister, may you be in peace and join with our late members there in the bridge of rainbow. We shall meet you one day...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mommy Bunyu...where are you?

Almost a week there's no sign at all of mommy Bunyu... Usually she likes to come and go as she please, only one or two days love to wonder around near home then come back for meal time. But... we don't understand, how come this time she didn't show up for days, not even a single moment. Please mommy Bunyu, come back home soon, we still need you... we miss you a lot, we -the tiniest troop members- promise we won't be so naughty and annoying anymore to you...

Friday, May 23, 2008

TGIF!!! Time to full relaxation...

Yay, it's Friday!!!

But, what got to do with us as feline anyway? hehehehe..... at least we celebrate being more closer physically with our humans because they will have more spare time on week-ends than on working days to play and patting us, right?

Hmm... we forgot to tell the answers for Wordless Wednesday, did you manage to guess them? Ok, for no.1 is Pinyi and no.2 is a papaya tree!

So, now it's relaxing time... pssst, we wanna share a little secret with all of you. You see, being 12 of us here while we love to play, hide-seek, following mommy where ever she goes betweens rooms, poking our mommy's fingers on computer keyboard with our paws and claws, giving extra services with our accupuncture, and so on. Surely all of these makes our mommy such a cat-crazy awesome time...hahahahaha, LOL! Then, she find a way to relax herself by doing a yoga position (corpse pose, known as savasana) on the floor and at the same time could make us all calm down and fall asleep around her! Do you know why? Here below the soothing music that makes all of us fall into deep sleep, just like sleeping pills! But, we are grateful that we don't have to take those pills, just play this serene music, and ...... OFF we go!
For further serene musics to make us all sleep, come here and another ...

After some good relaxing, and if you're a miracle seeker please drop by at felinesophy.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

T-13: Members of Meaouwy Troops

As we have mentioned previously that our members consist of 12 cats and kittens, but actually we have another member and still related to mommy Bunyu's (her half-sister), who loves to come and go as she pleases... Unfortunately, mommy Bunyu is always jealous to any cats because she wants to be the only cat in mommy human's heart and to be the only cat in the house. **sighh***

This is the main cause why Mizhie afraid to stay longer at home, so she come and go whenever she thinks if mommy Bunyu is not around in the house. Usually Mizhie stays at our next door neighbour, or at any place she might feels comfortable. Here is Mizhie when she was young.

Ok, since mommy human already found the names for Bunyu's little 4 kitties, we would like to introduce once again all of Meaouwy Troops members here, starting from the oldest.

1. Bunyu (mommy & grannie)
2. Mizhie (auntie, Bunyu's half-sister)
3. Pinyi (ladycat, oldest daughter of Bunyu)
4. Bunjie (mancat-oldest son of Bunyu, Protector of Meaouwy Troops)
5. Myorie (young mancat-colors & pattern almost similar to Cecil & Moki, doesn't have any blood relationship with the rest of the members, he was a feral kitten)
6. Dixie (young mancat-colors & pattern almost like Ollie, doesnt have any blood relationship with the rest of the members, he was a feral kitten)
7. Fatum (girlkitten-white yellow, daughter of Bunyu)
8. Brutum (girlkitten 3 colors like calico but blurr with grey background, daughter of Bunyu)
9. Fati (little mancat-white with some black on head & tail, son of Pinyi)
10. Zoju (tiny mancat like late Zola-brown tabby, son of Bunyu)
11. Monskitt (tiny girl calico with black background, daughter of Bunyu)
12. TwinCo (tiny girl calico like sister Pinyi, daughter of Bunyu)
13. Brota (tiny girl calico like sister Pinyi, daughter of Bunyu)
ps. sorry, some of us don't have the picture yet, mommy still having technical problem to get it:(

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Please try your lucky guess:
1. Who am I on this tree?
2. What is the tree do I hold on to?
Hints: see our previous posts.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Here you go....

Can you see now... our furry home sweet home is in black circle.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

T-13: Hints To Find Our Furryhome

Yippiiii… Now, it’s Thursday Thirteen!

This is the time we have to fulfill our promise to give you 13 hints, finding out our furryhome. Before we start, so sorry if we haven’t been around much lately to visit ya all, including not posting anything into our blog. Hmm, really our mommie just won’t let us use the computer by ourselves without her supervision. She has a blank out brain in speaking English the past few days. Nevertheless, we cats although we have various types of breeds, we do only have ONE language, cats rule!!! LOL :)) Ok, enough for the excuses, here you go:

1. Sure, some of you guessed right yesterday, we have a red roof;)
FYI, this kind of roof design was created in 1960’s!
And, now, there are none who sell this roof type:(
2. It is located on the corner.
3. If we sit in our front yard, we can see the beautiful sunset.
4. We have mango tree and star fruit tree planted on front yard.
5. We have two entrances to our furryhome: a fence in front yard and a back door in our back yard.
6. The front yard is facing to the main street.
7. That main street is famous with the most crazy traffic jam with unpredictable hours.
8. The back yard is facing to an alley.
9. We share two separated roofs with our two neighbors’ homes: the right side and and the backyard side.
10. Across our furryhome is an alley.
11. That alley in no.8 is adjacent to white buildings on its left side and right side.
12. We have papaya trees and guava trees in our back yard.
13. If you can look closer, you might find some holes on the roofs…oouups!

Let see if you can guess it right!

ps. Don’t forget to cross check your answer by tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Our Furryhood

p.s. Stay tuned for the clues in T-13 to guess which one is our furryhome!
In the mean time while you're busy speculating our home, let's share our cat power experiences on humans life on mommy's blog. We appreciate your sharing very much.

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