Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kitties’ masseur: Fatum & Brutum

Today we’re going to introduce our kitties’ masseur, Fatum and Brutum. They are siblings and being mommy Bunyu’s kitten, around 6 months old by now. Every time mommy human being swallowed by the busy-hectic monster, Fatum and Brutum are so delightful giving their expertise with their soft-tiny front paws on mommy’s thighs. Yes, what could’ve been better than a special massage by cats! Remember, we are born as natural healer dedicate to human beings. Not only our purrs are soothing and calming, but even our massages are enjoyable for humans. Furthermore, Fatum and Brutum never forget adding their extra service, acupuncture with their tiny claws to mommy! Hmm, so would you like to try their expertise as well for your beloved humans? No worries, 1st try out its absolute free, we can teleport Fatum and Brutum to your beans’ places.

We express our gratitude to Criz who gave us this nice award and we quote: "Thank you so much for your comfort and well wishes during the bad times when I was sick and when Mama Jessica was found missing. I'm still recuperating from the bad flu although my high fever has already been under control....As a gesture of appreciation, I have created a cute recognition logo for you. You did touch my heart"

Monday, April 21, 2008

1st ManCat Monday: Bunjie, our beloved leader of Meaouwy Troops

Sorry evrycatz for not being hang around cat blogosphere lately. Besides mommy been terrible busy to find way out for all of us here in keeping us safe and sound and furthermore wont let us log on to the computer by ourselves, though we often sit down next to the monitor & mouse, ummm.... to show mommy how we miss you all guys). Somehow, the Internet access and CPU were rather nasty too, pheww....
Today is Monday (in our time zone, of course, hehehe...) and we'd like to dedicated our first ManCat Monday for Bunjie, our beloved leader. He's doing well now after recovered from that horrible wound around his nose and mouth. Thanks to mommy's brother for the Reiki healing. Anyhow, Bunjie is still watching closely for any furry intruders who want to trespassing our home. So, sometimes he got another a little wound (again!), oh mommy already warn Big Brother Bunjie many times to stay calmly inside the house, but he feels that his responsibilities for Meaouwy Troops are huge. Ow.... we love you Big Brother Bunjie! Thanks a lot for your sacrifice and compassionate for us.
pssstt, as to compensate furr our loss around cat blogosphere, we'd like to give you a very important stuff for our overall well being, please drop by & check this out!!! please tell your beans, just go there, we promise and guarantee that you won't regret it...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yippi....finally, we've got the packages:)

Oh we're so happy on Monday morning, coz finally we've got the packages. Yippi!!! Thanks a lot Cecil for the wonderful and great gift, we love it. Cat toys, catnips and treats. We all enjoy the treats very much, hmm...nomm..nommm, could we have some more, please? nyummy, nyummy.....
Thanks to Karl for sending the tool we need for our blog, very much appreciated for the kind concern.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some Flash Mews...

In case you haven't heard the mews about Lilly Lu, Mu Shue and Iris please drop by at their blog and for updated check out cat blogosphere. Kindly send your purrs and purrayers for their safety and beloved human.

On Friday, our mommy got notice letters from the post office to pick up some packages which have gone through the customs here. We are wondering -since we know that mommy never receive any packages from other countries- and few weeks ago we'd been promised that we'll receive some from our furryfriend in the blogosphere, Cecil and Karl, so our guessed these packages are from them! It's too bad that since these notice letter aren't informative, so mommy thought that these stuff should be picked up at the main post office in Central Jakarta. Waowie...that's far indeed from our home. This Saturday, mommy went there with her brother. Unfortunately, that was not the post office that we should picked them up, it was told by the post officer there, we should go to the central post office in South Jakarta, since our home it's located here. from Central Jakarta, mommy went to South Jakarta, and since it's Saturday, by the time she got there, very unfortunately, it's closed already. They open only until noon. Oh, it means we have to patiently wait until Monday!

Last week, our leader troops, "Big Brother Bunjie" has been involved in few terrible catfights with that burglar "Golden Cat" coming from no where.... Bunjie just dislike him hanging around a lot lately in our home, plus wanna make sure that he would do no harm to the troops, especially the kittens! Well, as the result, he got a terrible wound around nose, oucchh... Mommie got scared, so her brother do the Reiki healing for Bunjie to heal soon. Thank God, now he's much better, yet still keeping eyes open for any furry intruders. Thanks Big Brother Bunjie!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Book Meme

Our amazing furryfriend who has been a long-time fighter against feline lymphoma, Storm tagged us for the Book Meme.

Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book.

2. Open to page 123

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the next three sentences.

5. Tag five people and post a comment to Mickey once you have posted it.

Apparently the book near us is in Bahasa Indonesia, not in English, so we sniff around to look for English-speaking book. Sometimes the book doesn't have more than 100 pages, so we have to hunt another book. Now, we got it! The following is from "Language of Animals: 7 Steps to Communicating with Animals" by Carol Gurney.

Our mommy sometimes having trouble to understand us entirely, so she is eager learning how to communicate with us better by reading this book. Yeah, we strongly urge your beloved humans to read this one too! The book is very enlightening and give spiritual insights for humans.

Tell him to help keep the house clean by hunting for bugs, or choose whatever job suits his personality. And, of course, everytime you return home, tell him what a wonderful job he did. This makes the animal feel good about staying home and helping you while you are away.

We have been wondering if any of our furryfriends had done this before, so if you have already done it we apologise, but we wanna tag:

Have a great lazy Sunday evrycatz!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hip...hip...horreeee!!! Finally, Mommy is coming back!

Yeahh...since Saturday, March 29th morning Mommy seemed so busy and she said to us that she'll be helping her relatives' to prepare a wedding the whole weekend. So she won't be able to help Meaouwy Troops with blogging stuff since we're still newbie in catblogosphere. Oh God, a weekend without Mommy at home? What a dreadful lonely.... Ok Mommy, it's time for you to hangin' out with real people now, don't worry Mommy, we'll take care of ourselves and count on me, I'll be at home 24/7!!!
On Saturday night, Mommy came home not very late though, but she looked very tired indeed. She got to wake early in the morning on Sunday, that's why this time she went to bed very early. The next morning, we starred at her as she left home, wow..... Mommy was wearing a contemporer traditional Java custom, so pretty! We never saw her in that outfit in our entire life.
We never thought that night Mommy did not come home, it turned out she was staying at her cousin's, oh probably the wedding was finished almost midnite.
We're so happy to see her again on Monday morning, but, oh no, she only came home for a while to get things and her clothings...o...o...she was leaving the house again! Hmmm....eventually, Mommy looked like us, come and go as she pleased. She only said to take good care of ourselves coz she will be gone for days, don't know when exactly will be back. Though we know there's someone will provide the daily meals for all of us and mommy's brother will take care of us, but.....still, we prefer Mommy a lot!!!
Day one passed by.....
Day two, we're still wondering....where is she?
Day three, waiting....and waiting, sign of her coming home.
OMG, is she missing in action somewhere out there? Hit by a car?
Day four, hmmm.. it seems, something good will happen today! We'll wait patiently for her.
Yipppiii....Mommy is back, at last!!! Ha ha ha....this is funny, coz usually based on our furryfriend experiences, we're the one who usually lost and rarely come home for days. Now, it's our mommy human who dissappeared for days and come home! Oh, we're so relieve.....maybe next time, we should place a poster on trees and any public places informing her mysterious missing.
Mommy was very surprised when she opened the fence this afternoon, coz I, Pinyi - being the most loyal cat - had instructed Fati, Fatum and Brutum to greet and welcome her behind the fence. And, she looked very very happy to see us too, we miss you a lot Mommy. Oh, she was very amazed to see us - the kitties - growing bigger so fast just in a few days!
Welcome home Mommy!
p.s. find out more about what are the nasty stuff inside our brain in felinesophy.....

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