Friday, March 7, 2008

Book Junkies

"Never miss a day without reading!"
That's what our beloved humans always tell us. As our intelligence always sharpen everyday by watching closely what our humans been doing and observe their responses towards anything, we begin love to read too. Everytime our human start to read, we somehow play cute in order to get closer to them. And, when they are opening the page, we perform the blitzkrieg thing by jumping off onto that pages, sit and lie down on top of it. Then, the best part is, our humans let us do the reading. Though, they may seem think of us so ridiculous coz' we don't read it with our eyes like them. We don't have to waste our precious time by reading all over through pages. Just sit or lie down nicely with relax and let our butts absorb all its content make them through up to our brains. This is what we called, a feline philosophy as a way to achieve greater than humans do. ya all know how to read faster and better than humans do!


Artsy Catsy said...

My post today was about reading, too. Coincidence? I think not! Great kitties think alike!


michico*Adan said...

Reading is very good for beans~ So they could chase on our level, well....that's my thought.
I will request my beans reading everyday.

Gattina said...

Of course I can help you to make a header but it is a little long to explain here in the comments. Do you have an email address ?
BTW nice to meet your whole troop !

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