Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Kitties Masseurs: Fatum & Brutum

Do you still remember our special skills from Brutum and Fatum? Yup, masseur and accupunture! Now, we would like to expose their images for you...

Since Brutum and Fatum became teenagers, their special skill gradually becoming fade away too....we thought perhaps because their claws are getting bigger, so it would hurt mommy a lot if they do the accupunture part on her!

Brutum, has always this melancholic expression with tiny meaouwww... her face doesn't look like a girl, does she? Our mommy mistakenly identified her when she was a tiny kitten. She thought Brutum was a boy, because of her behavior is like a boy and her face doesn't reflect a feminine side.

Fatum, is the most girlish.... loves to bitey mommy's legs when she has been bitten by the busy monster. Even Big Brother Bunjie, Myorie and Dixie have a crush on her all together in the same season! Can't they just find another girl outside the house....


Daisy said...

I like to give the bitey to my Mommie's legs, too!

Victor Tabbycat said...

You have to be careful with your claws and Mom. Moms bleed too easily. I'm careful with my claws unless I've had catnip!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Fatum has the most innocent expression on her face. That is probably why the boys all want her. The boys think she is so sweet.

Willow said...

I also sometimes give a small bitey to my Momma's legs. Never too hard, just enough to make her pay attention to me!

Purrrrrrrrrs, Willow

catsynth said...

Oh, we're not to much into bities here, but we do love massages and accupressure :)

aa said...


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