Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kissy....Kissy, we miss you beloved friends!

Ohh, we terribly miss you all, it is so nice to come back and see you our friends again. Now mommy tried hard to make this post available today. Many things have happened and mommy's life turned out to a new phase (again). She landed a new job, well actually not very far from home, but due to heavy traffic jams in here, she has to rent a room in a house (we called it as "Kost") near her office in order to avoid being commute back and forth for 3.5 hours/day. She's very exhausted during week days after work, so she had to do this for health reason.

After few months gone by missing from catblogosphere, we sad to inform you that we had lost our dearly little TwinCo (sibling of Brota & Zoku); Myorie, The Kisser; Brutum, Massaeur Kitty, and big brother Bunjie has wondered off .......

Today we would love to show our 'sleeping beauty' pose;)

hmm..too shiny, I need to cover my eyes from that shiny thing

aahhhh.....finally, a full relax sleep

(hands up) ... I gave up! you know that the most nice place to sleep is human bed?

sorry mommy, we've got to occupy your comfy bed!

What a warm & fluffy pillow!

Ahhh...this is much better;)

Ouppsss.....Fati, where's your other paw?

Isn't it paradise to sleep like this:)

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