Friday, March 13, 2009

Fati, The Lover Boy...missed you so much!

In The Loving Memory of Fati....

It is so sad that Fati has been wondered off for almost 8 weeks by now. Fati had shown to all creatures, how Love has a powerful effects.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kissy....Kissy, we miss you beloved friends!

Ohh, we terribly miss you all, it is so nice to come back and see you our friends again. Now mommy tried hard to make this post available today. Many things have happened and mommy's life turned out to a new phase (again). She landed a new job, well actually not very far from home, but due to heavy traffic jams in here, she has to rent a room in a house (we called it as "Kost") near her office in order to avoid being commute back and forth for 3.5 hours/day. She's very exhausted during week days after work, so she had to do this for health reason.

After few months gone by missing from catblogosphere, we sad to inform you that we had lost our dearly little TwinCo (sibling of Brota & Zoku); Myorie, The Kisser; Brutum, Massaeur Kitty, and big brother Bunjie has wondered off .......

Today we would love to show our 'sleeping beauty' pose;)

hmm..too shiny, I need to cover my eyes from that shiny thing

aahhhh.....finally, a full relax sleep

(hands up) ... I gave up! you know that the most nice place to sleep is human bed?

sorry mommy, we've got to occupy your comfy bed!

What a warm & fluffy pillow!

Ahhh...this is much better;)

Ouppsss.....Fati, where's your other paw?

Isn't it paradise to sleep like this:)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Caturday: Up, Close & Very Personal!

Glad to be back after long pause. As usual, mommy has gotten herself being bitten by the Busy Monstrous! What a classic excuse Mommy...

Today, we'd love to just have some fun by posing ourselves: Up, Close & Very Personal for our dearest friends to enjoy.

Dixie, The Sniffer

(because I love to sniff here & there many times,

especially being around with mommy)

Myorie, The Kisser

(kissing is my number one hobby,

especially kissing mommy all over her face & lips!!)

Fatum, Masseur Kitty

(I've been specialsed in giving massage to human thighs

with extra special service, accunpuncture!)

Brutum, Masseur Kitty

(I'm Fatum Masseur Mate, together we have the same exquisite skills!)

Fati, The Lover Boy

(I've been blessed by abundant Love and Compassion,

that's why I love sharing my love for those little brad kitties,

they need love desperately due to Mommy Bunyu had been wondered off)

Zoju, the youngest tiny mancat

(I love being adventureous, and warm to any cats and kitties...)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: queque.....

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mancat Monday: Bunjie

We're back!

As you may all know, Bunjie is our beloved leader in Meaouwy Troops and has been officially accepted in M-Cats Club. Thanks to Mr.Tigger and his beloved mommy bean for making this lovely badge.

Picture below is censored with your discretion only, we're not hold full responsibility for what may happens...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Myorie is .....

Friday, June 27, 2008

Formerly Feral: Myorie & Dixie

Hey guys...nice to see you all again. Look Dixie, show our furryfriends your sweet face, just like I did! Today is our special day, Formerly Feral Friday... ouupss, sorry, we probably rather late in posting it, since yesterday we tried to but had some errors.

Yeah Myorie... I remember when I got here and found our mommy, it was around November 2006. At that time, I was totally scared, hungry and didn't know what to do, I just suddenly found myself popped in into this loving homie and in order to get mommy's full attention, I always meaouw out loud for couple of days, which as a kitty I think I had the loudest meaouww... Then, I knew it! Mommy's heart was melting, she couldn't left me just like that....

Sure Dixie... After you got here, few days after I found myself in here too, same condition like you, ugly, hungry and scared, so I meaouw a lot like you did! And... mommy didn't have the heart to ignore me, hmmm... and when I got that skin diseases, she brought me to the vet along with Sagwa (daughter of Mishie) and Bunju (daughter of Bunyu), it's too bad they were wondered off after they fully recover. Mommy missed them so much and wonder a lot, where could they gone...because they were both too little to hanging around out there.

Yes, arent we so lucky? Now we become good looking mancat, mommy said. Thanks for giving us this wonderful opportunity to share our love and life with mommy and other Meoauwy Troops members. Look's our time to chase that bugging creature again. C'mmon pal, let's go get it!

ps. see you on Monday...we're going to full relax this weekend:)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trees Thursday

We love trees!

hi.. I'm TwinCo, daughter of Mommy Bunyu, we just lost our little sister Monskitt and our mommy Bunyu had been wondered off over a month now.
We miss her a lot, but try to continue our life as strong as we can be...
I believe, this is my first show up here, together with my twins, BroTa
oh..oh...this is my first paws on a tree!
I should keep my balance very good...
btw, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself here... I'm BroTa

uh, eh...what's up there flying low...'s great to strech using small tree and clawing at the same time!
ssshh... listen, and look there! I think I see and hear something up there on the roof...

oupss...something is fishy there, oww please mommy Pinyi, come here fast!

hmm, being the oldest sister & a mother to one little son, is tiring sometimes, the hardest part of tree lesson is, easy and fun to jump and climb, but confuse to find our way down if we're still newbies to trees!

For the mancats, Bunjie, Dixie and Myorie, oh boy, they only love to use trees as a short cut passage from the roof into our backyard! They prefer sleeping a lot...

Our backyard consists of papaya tree and guava trees. Very useful as our nature skills training, for example, clawing, climbing, flying thing watcher, seeing things, and many more. Not to mention, our poopies have fertilize these trees indeed! Dun worry mommy, we always concern the nature balance of life and cycle, that's why we consistently use this backyard as one of our natural toilet...

'Till tomorrow for Formerly Feral with Myorie and Dixie.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: What are you mumbling about Big Brother Bunjie?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Kitties Masseurs: Fatum & Brutum

Do you still remember our special skills from Brutum and Fatum? Yup, masseur and accupunture! Now, we would like to expose their images for you...

Since Brutum and Fatum became teenagers, their special skill gradually becoming fade away too....we thought perhaps because their claws are getting bigger, so it would hurt mommy a lot if they do the accupunture part on her!

Brutum, has always this melancholic expression with tiny meaouwww... her face doesn't look like a girl, does she? Our mommy mistakenly identified her when she was a tiny kitten. She thought Brutum was a boy, because of her behavior is like a boy and her face doesn't reflect a feminine side.

Fatum, is the most girlish.... loves to bitey mommy's legs when she has been bitten by the busy monster. Even Big Brother Bunjie, Myorie and Dixie have a crush on her all together in the same season! Can't they just find another girl outside the house....

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